The 6th Gathering of Lancaster Arts Communities: Notes

27.11.2019 at More Music in Morecambe, Lancashire

Apart from all the introductions and brief discussions we had about arts in Lancaster and what we would like to see happening in the local area in the next 2 years.


There was also a presentation by Gillian and Adam about their project ‘Taking the Time’ which I thought was super interesting and very thought-provoking.

Here are some rough quick notes I took (mostly focused around the issue of time):

  • raising issues on inclusiveness
  • potential to reject the hurried sickness of modern life
  • culture at a pace we can’t keep up with
  • their project a way of reframing contemporary culture
  • they spoke to different age groups / demographics about their UNDERSTANDING OF TIME
    • kids only consider their lived experience when thinking about time (!) – so for example when asked about death, they can only comprehend it in what they have encountered themselves, like a pet dying etc.
  • LEGACY owned by people that the project involves – not necessarily a personal legacy / understanding of the word
    • how would people have access to it after the project is done?
      • they produced a book with all the people’s times and descriptions, then signed it off legally to public spaces like libraries
  • could an art project make a future invisible issue / prospect / prediction VISIBLE?


We also had a discussion which provoked a lot of inner deep thought and a some existential thought I guess too –

basically when we were asked to identify a specific time within our day that is special / important to us (as prompted by the time project) and explain why – I realised that amongst all the examples that I heard around me, I could not think of a single example of one specific time that is important to me – which I found so curious since all my work revolves around memory!

  • I thought that was and still is quite sad actually because I feel like I cannot recall anything from my past – which is VERY ironic considering my artistic processes and aims – actually this puts more significance into my work for me personally – what I didn’t realise is that it allows me to create a space to get IMMERSED IN TIME – IMMERSED IN MEMORY to allow for this process of reverie – allowing thoughts to come in without (much) of my own influence (at least I try to make that happen)
  • My process of creation is kind of like a meditative one – one of the only times I can recall multiple memories from the past with more detail – unlike the ones I may INVOLUNTRAILY RECALL throughout the day, which end up quite rapid, almost like a blur


Then, some notes from a 20 minute long discussion we had in smaller groups – the one I took part in was all about Inclusivity in the Arts and how to facilitate for it – thought it would be really useful to learn from all of these local creative entrepreneurs, just how exactly they tackle the issue of inclusivity – and thought it would be very informative so that I can develop my future workshops in a more informed way, and make it accessible to a wider demographic

Anyway here are the notes:

HEARD was the acronym used, which stands for holistic, equitable, authentic, representative and diverse.

Holistic – culture that has all these benefits – an interesting process was also raised by one of the people at the table – this includes organising and planning a project as well as everything we do in everyday life:

  • the way we should organise our tasks shouldn’t look at the outcome itself as an end goal, instead we should work backwards from there
    • in order to achieve the most effective outcome we need to look at and change our BEHAVIOURS – in order to change our behaviours we need to change our THINKING, but in order to change our thinking we should look at what our ENVIRONMENT is like and work on that
    • this I found very interesting – to look at the way I work and live – at the processes that guide the two

Equitable – barriers – how to remove them? – identify and remove BARRIERS! – there are barriers – join a union!

  • Barrier – what is considered the proper thing / way / behaviour, what is permitted – are they allowed to do it (the activity) – looking at people too scared to join in arts activities because of such barriers – CULTURAL MENTALITY / PSYCHOLOGICAL

Authenticity – involving people it is for – in partnership with the people – non-prescriptive – about what other people do – giving them a space to identify where their ideas are coming from – not having expectations of the outcome – allowing them to produce what THEY want to make

Representative – reflecting the society around us – recognise it – it is a journey – don’t give yourself a hard time if it isn’t proving successful for a while – models are different for each representative group – e.g. ethnicity, Easter European

  • Included -> more support
  • Integrated -> more thrown into the group, is there the right support for them?


  • TIME IS IMPORTANT! is needed!
  • sometimes even ‘inclusive’ can be BOXED!
    • assumptions attached to that specific (minority) group – there is more complexity to it than it may appear at first!

Diverse – all genres, styles, and techniques valued equally – understandably needed


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